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Crispy Pork Roast

You can  generally use this method with all our roasts, as well as any type of our poultry. The hot method is best with the pork because pork is so fatty and moist, but it will work with other meats too. If you are using the hot method for poultry, reduce the time considerably and keep an eye on things!! Roasts are generally heavier and meatier than poultry so they won't have the risk of burning like poultry.

When it comes to our smoked pork roasts, that roast you have has been cold smoked for three days, but it still needs to be cooked. Same with the poultry, its been cold smoked for at least two days, but it still needs cooking.

Technically, it needs to be braised or slow cooked, but I have a sneaky way to braise and dry roast at the same time so you end up with meat falling off the bones like it's been braised, but also gives you crunchy melt in your mouth fat and it will end up looking like this:

Crispy Smoked Pork Roast

You can cook the roast from frozen, or thawed. If it's frozen, expect to need at least an extra hour or so of cooking time. If the roast is not smoked, you will want to add some salt, and season it as you like it. I usually sprinkle with salt and add some fresh or dried herbs.


Step 1. If the roast has a fat cap, you can use a sharp knife to score the fat into cubes, like in this picture here: https://www.compassandfork.com/recipe/traditional-roast-pork-better-crackling/. Ignore the instructions on that page, just look at the pictures to see what I mean by scoring the fat. You can also cut off the fat and render it on it’s own, it will yield lovely fat for frying and the cracklings left from rendering will be the tastiest thing ever!


Step 2. Put the roast into a roasting pan. Add about an inch of water, then put foil over the roasting pan, and put the lid on. Here is how you need to cover the pan if your roasting pan lid doesn't fit tightly: 

     Roast in pan with water Foil on pan Lid on pan with foil  Ready for the oven

Step 3. Put it in the oven and turn the heat to 400 degrees. Walk away for at least 4 hours, maybe more if it's a big roast. Estimate an hour per pound of cooking time, as in 4 hours for a 4 pound roast. Best thing to do is go work outside where the delectable smell won't torment you. If you are in a rush, or the roast is frozen, you can crank the heat up to 450 degrees. Make sure you add more liquid at Step 2 if you are using higher heat.


Step 4. At the 4 hour mark, pull that baby out of the oven and carefully peel back the foil. Don’t get burned by the steam!

-If there is still liquid in the pan, (I mean water and drippings, not fat and thicker brown drippings) then put the foil and lid back on and pop it back in the oven. If the meat isn't falling off the bone easily, same. Cover with the foil and back into the oven again. Try again in an hour.

-If at the four hour mark it looks golden brown, if the water in the pan is gone, the pan bottom is darkening with fat and drippings, and the meat pulls away easily with a fork, and the fat is crispy, you are done. Eat that bad boy and die happy!


Slow cooking: If you don’t want to use high heat, you can use the same method, but leave the temperature down at 250 degrees. It will take at least 6 or more hours, but there is no risk of over browning the bottom of the pan. You can see the method here: http://www.funnyduckfarms.com/recipe/easy-slow-cook-roasts



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